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Sunday, March 27, 2011

sword spin all 4 directions

have iFile downloaded from Cydia.
Go on ifile then var/mobile/applications/GraalClassicPlus.app
Then press it and go to GraalOnlineClassicPlus.app.
Then go to offline/levels/ganis.
Then delete sword.gani, and after you've done that find spin.gani and then press the blue arrow on right side of it and change the name from spin.gani
to sword.gani.
Now enter Graal and press your sword and you will spin everytime you do it.
Redownload graal to get it away. ENJOY!


warp hack

Credits to IPEPSI57 for this nice hack ok first of all go to http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9OSVF5K0 ON YOUR IPOD then when you download you see a code copy it! go to ifile and Copy it to var/mobile/applications/graal/graalonlineclassicplus.app/offline/ganis/grab.gani
then delete everything in the grab.gani file without cuting it just use back space and paste in that code then ur done ENJOY!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

getting admin stuff!!! heads anything!

First, You Will Need A Jailbroken iPod and iFile. I am not responsible for any errors.
1. Open up iFile and navigate to this directory: /, var, mobile, applications. GraalClassic, Documents, Levels. Now pick what you want. Heads, Hats, or Bodies. As an example, I will Use Heads.
2. Go into hats, and find an Admin hat you want. Example: hat120.png (Squirt's Crown)
3. Go to a hat you already have, Example: hat2.png (Egg Shell) and delete hat2.png.Go back to hat120, tap the blue arrow next to the name. At the top of the screen, it should say File Attributes. Go to Name, (hat120.png) And change it to the name of the Hat you Deleted. (hat2.png) After that, hit done and you're all set! Open up Graal, and Walaa! There's The Crown!
NOTE: Only Your Screen Will Show You Wearing The Crown. Other Players Will See The Hat You Deleted. But still, pretty awesome.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Second account for Graal

hey to make your second account you need jailbreak.
Go to cydia and press sources, then edit and add this source: http://sinfuliphonerepo.com/
Now go to search and find UDID Faker
Download it, and when you have done that press on it and find graal+ or lite Graal.
Then press random UDID, or write whatever you want from A to Z and 1-9 xD.
It has to be 40 numbers or letters, then write it in, and start Graal.
If it comes up connection failed, that means a noob has hacked on that UDID, and got banned (OR Jailed).
Whenever you want back to your old account go back to UDID Faker and press original UDID. You can also hack other's accounts, but you need their UDID.

ride an invisible horse Tutorial

Hey guys, Ashden here and I would like to show you of "what I see" and give a tutorial on how to do this.

First of all you need:
-And a long attention span

Do as I do in the video, all i am doing is replacing different ganis with the rat walk ganis. So say I want to see me riding a horse instead of rat, i copy the horse walk ganis and replace the rat walk with the horse walk, that simple.

You can also use ganis from Graal ERA!!! Really cool, i made my guy die like in Era when you are killed in the water!

Sadly, no one else can see you doing this, it just looks like you running around as a rat to them, I am researching on how to make it appear to everyone.

Have fun!